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TRMI Visitors

The TRAM Group and TRMI are committed to personal safety and environmental sustainability.  Below you will find helpful information to review prior to visiting TRMI.

TRMI Safety

Safety is the top priority at TRMI.  If you plan on visiting the site please bring the following Personal Protective Equipment:

- Safety Glasses

- Safety Toe Shoe

- Reflective Safety Vest. 

(If you do not have these items they will be provided)

TRMI Contractor Safety Video

Please contact TRMI Human Resources (Environmental & Safety) if you have any questions regarding safety rules and policies at TRMI.

Safety Wear
Sustainable Energy

Environmental Policy

The TRAM Group is committed to preserving and protecting the environment.  TRMI has been ISO 14001 certified since 2001 and works to continuously improve our environmental management system.  The TRAM Group and TRMI have set ambitious environmental goals to help create a more sustainable future for everyone.  

Tokai Rika Corporate Environmental Policy

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